POWERBODY USA Fitness Clients
Step into PowerBody USA and enjoy our secured 24-hour keypass facility where we specialize in strength training for all ages, gender, and fitness levels. Whether you are a walk-in member or a personal trainee we are here to help you begin or take the next step towards a fitness and strength program that agrees with the needs of your lifestyle. You may want to make speed and strength improvements for a sport or just have a desire to get back into shape, everyone benefits from a fitness program and we will help provide each individual with the tools needed to be successful with obtaining realistic fitness goals.
Matt Ederer
We CONGRATULATE Devan Rickter for being one of the top 2014 Scholar Athletes listed in the Post-Dispatch!  We have been blessed and proud to have him as a trainee getting ready for his first World Championship Powerlifting Competition in July...
Go Get-EM Devan! New World Records will be set!  

Christian Telford
Jack Ederer
Christian Talford Jr.

Clients become CHAMPIONS!